We are strongly committed to playing a role in supporting our wider community, through sponsorship of events, individuals or organisations, sporting, educational and other community initiatives.


Brook Serene & Company Ltd will consider sponsorship of events (or organisations) which allow Brook Serene to:

  • Communicate our Brand Values
  • Showcase one or all of our properties
  • Create a connection within the community
  • Generate exposure
  • Create future revenue opportunities




We have guidelines in place to determine the suitability for sponsorship.  Brook Serene  will only consider sponsorships that are consistent with our objectives, which are:

A worthy cause which will have a lasting impact on the community
The audience the prize is promoted to is the correct demographic
The package will have a high value associated to it*
We reserve the right to request that a reserve to be set of 50% of face value.
Brook Serene (or the specific hotels') name or logo must appear on event banners, posters, approved printed material, displays, websites, direct marketing material, and social media platforms.

*Please note we do not support silent auctions or raffles.



To submit a sponsorship request, please email the following details using the contact form below;

Contact details, including phone and email
A detailed description of your group, charity, organisation, team, event
Where and when the event is to take place
The level of exposure of the event e.g. number of attendees/viewers
Likely demographic and reach of the activity i.e. local, regional or national
What rights and benefits are offered to Brook Serene (e.g. opportunity for media advertising, social media, tickets to the event, signage or other exposure)


We receive many sponsorship and charitable requests and applications and we are only able to support a minority of these request.  All requests must be in writing.  We review these on a regular basis and will advise in writing within 21 days.   Please note we do not offer cash donations or sponsorships.

An evaluation of the sponsorship will be required, detailing the total amount the auction raised, the amount our sponsorship raised along with the name, address and phone number of the winner or prize recipient of the voucher.  This information must be supplied to Brook Serene Hotel Management within 21 days.