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Brook Serene

Hotel Management

Brook Serene Boutique Hotels is here to add value to your boutique hotel in ways that are

creative, meaningful and occasionally unexpected.

We have many years of experience operating some of New Zealand’s most admired boutique hotels, and we have a strong understanding of the important considerations that must occur at each stage of the journey. Whether you have a brand new build in progress or an established hotel that could benefit from advice or renewed management, we can assist you with some or all of the services you need to succeed.

Our expertise extends from branding to pricing structures, accounting to sales, and marketing to human resources. Our decisions are always grounded in legislation, emerging trends, community and sustainability.

We are confident of our expertise in all areas of hotel management and will only make recommendations and decisions that are best-practice, thoroughly analysed and mindful of your aspirations.

Our strong business acumen is at the core of what we do, but community is at our heart.






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  • Corporate Social Responsibility

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    Community and environment are always ingrained into our practices. We help you give back to charitable causes through staff volunteering, fundraising, donations and in-kind contributions.

  • Marketing and Promotion

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    We can help you get noticed by your ideal guests, building brand awareness and encouraging bookings through your online presence, trade shows and clever content.

  • Sales and Distribution

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    Our sales and distribution plans are tailored to your property, building ongoing, productive relationships with key markets and Online Travel Agents.

  • Health and Safety

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    We manage all aspects of health, safety and compliance to ensure the wellbeing of your people, property and guests.

  • Human Resources

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    Your business is nothing without healthy, happy people and a positive workplace culture. We manage all recruitment, onboarding, training and employee relations.

  • Accounting and Finance

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    It is crucial to manage finances the right way, so we take care of accounts, budgets, forecasting, payroll, pricing and reporting to achieve profitability and sustainability.

  • General Operations

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    From food and beverage to housekeeping and reservation software, we ensure your property runs efficiently and your guests have a superior experience.


By partnering with Brook Serene, you can step back and watch your business grow while maintaining the integrity of your unique property.

Our team offers decades of hotel management experience, providing you with the expertise needed to succeed in the competitive tourism and leisure industry. Through our refined management processes, we ensure that your property’s individuality and uniqueness are preserved, creating a distinctive guest experience. By leveraging Brook Serene’s proven business model, you gain access to the tools and strategies that can boost your profits and drive sustainable growth.

Hand over the management, and focus on watching your vision come to life with Brook Serene at the helm.

  • Brook Serene achieves this by:

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    • Increasing awareness for your property both domestically and internationally 
    • Optimising room rates 
    • Increasing occupancy 
    • Diversifying revenue streams 
    • Delivering cost savings through economies of scale in operational and sales and marketing expenditure 
    • Providing benefit through advanced systems that set the standard in reservations 
    • Implementing tried and tested operational procedures 

Expanding horizons, delivering results.

Brook Serene


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Strengthening partnerships for collective success.

Brook Serene

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