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Brook Serene

Case Studies

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Recruitment, Training & Development

Human Resources

The Challenge

Develop and nurture a pipeline of talent.

The Solution

By nurturing partnerships with the major tertiary training providers such as Ara Institute of Canterbury, Pacific International Hotel Management School (PIHMS), Le Cordon Bleu, and the New Zealand School of Tourism; The George hosts site inspections and educational sessions to give students real life insight into the tourism and hospitality industry for students.

“Having strong relationships with the tertiary providers is incredibly valuable to us at The George. These partnerships provide a vital pipeline of talent and provide successful outcomes for the training provider, the student and The George.” – John Etheridge, Hotel Manager (Previous), The George


Utilising Innovative Technology

To personalise the experience and maximise revenue.

The Challenge

Create a tool to educate and engage website visitors, to maximise time on the website, drive online restaurant and accommodation bookings while also minimising ‘standard query’ calls and emails without compromising the personalised ‘delightfully yours’ brand of The George.

The Solution

We chose to partner with Yonder HQ to implement a ChatBot on The George website. The Chat Bot was branded in Brook Serene colours to distinguish it from The George brand and to allow for rolling the ChatBot out across other hotel sites in the future with consistency of look and feel.

“The results are clear, they routinely invest time to maximise the role the chatbot can play in guest experience to drive more bookings, satisfaction and analyse its rich data to inform areas of improvement on the website and within the business.” – James Donald, Yonder HQ