Brook Serene is a discerning curator of authentically local boutique hotels in New Zealand. Incorporated in 1988 Brook Serene & Company Ltd currently operate 2 award-winning hotels within New Zealand.

Core Values


Integrity - we do what we say

Respect - we treat people as we wish to be treated ourselves

Profitability - essential to a sustainable business model

Innovation - we embrace diversity, change and innovation

Excellence - a passion for excellence in all aspects of our hotels




To add value and contribute to our local communities through our passion for boutique hotel experiences.



Media & Social Influencer Requests


We receive a large number of requests for support from bloggers and social influencers. There is limited availability in our small boutique hotels, meaning we are not able to support all requests, and we give priority to those applicants that create content in areas most relevant to our business.

To help us to review requests more efficiently, we ask all applicants to complete and submit the form below. If you would like to collaborate with us on social media please complete the following survey found here SURVEY LINK.